Century Lofts, Sacramento, CA: Apartments and Commercial

Century Lofts, Sacramento, CA: Apartments and Commercial

The 17th & I Street Lofts have incorporated the historic architectural features of the existing structures on this site into the fabric of the design. At the corner, the mosaic tile-clad pilasters and exposed iron-red steel framework are informed by the tiled panels and structure of the neighboring historic automobile showroom. On the north face, preservation of the 1926 automobile garage will add richness and scale to the building base. At the top are penthouses reflecting the forms of the old metal warehouses that are currently sited on a portion of this site.
An alley leading directly to the east face of the Memorial Auditorium (1927), will be activated. To provide alfresco dining, two large 18-foot high exterior alcoves have been carved from the south side of the new structure. Large colorful wall murals, perimeter plantings, enhanced paving and special lighting will combine to enliven this pedestrian friendly alley.


USA Properties Fund


Urban Mixed-Use (Apartments and Commercial)


Cast-in-place concrete


0.735 acres

128 dwelling units

11,000 sq. ft. retail

179,625 sq. ft. building area

87 internal parking spaces

4,883 sq. ft. interior courtyard

Density: 175 units per acre