700 Block, Sacramento CA: Apartments and Commercial

700 Block, Sacramento CA: Apartments and Commercial

The 700 Block project encompasses the 1/2 city block bounded by 7th and 8th Streets, K Street and the K-L Alley. In a City of Sacramento sponsored competition among 4 architect-developer teams, our vision prevailed. Most of the half block is currently (prior to the new construction) built out, with some structures dating back to the late 19th century. Our vision to transform this section of K Street into a vibrant urban place includes the removal of the 66-feet of existing less valuable construction along the alley to make space for a new 5-story apartment tower over a 2-level concrete parking garage podium. The remaining structures that face 7th, 8th and K Street, many with historic significance, are being converted into music venues, restaurants, a small grocery store and shops, with more apartments in the converted spaces above. This transformative high quality design removes uneconomical land uses and replaces them with an exciting pedestrian experience. Construction completed 2018.


D&S Development, Inc.

CFY Development, Inc.


Urban Mixed-Use (Apartments and Commercial)


Five story wood frame over 2-level concrete parking garage podium;
Renovation of 75,000 sf of historic buildings.


1.18 acres, 6 stories
137 dwelling units, 5,602 sq. ft. community center
57,525 sq. ft. restaurant and retail
237,445 sq. ft. building area
77 vehicle parking spaces, 14 bicycle parking spaces

Density: 116 units per acre