2019 Project of the Year

The Sacramento Business Journal chose The Hardin, part of our 700 K block project, as project of the year, read their full write-up and see other winners here.

65th Street Apartments and Transit Oriented Development

Our 65th Street Student Housing project was featured in Comstocks Magazine in a piece about transit oriented development and urban planning, read their piece here.

700 K Development

Sactown Magazine wrote about the developers and our process of revitalizing the 700 K block read more about it here.

700 K Update

Completion of the 700 K Street project continues. About half of the 137 dwelling units are now occupied. Retail including bars and restaurants on K Street will be opening throughout 2018. The restoration of the 1973 Frank Carson/Mitchell Aronson psychedelic mural at 726 K, which is being transformed into Solomon’s Delicatessen, is underway and is expected to be complete in July.  See here for more on the mural.




2017 UN World Habitat Award

Our Mutual Housing Spring Lake Phase One project, which provides seasonal agricultural workers with energy efficient permanent year-round homes and empowers residents with new opportunities in education and community life was awarded the 2017 UN World Habitat Award. Read more and see other winners here.

Project Updates

Three of our multi-family communities now under construction are on the Sacramento Business Journal 25 largest projects list.